About Me

I love computers and solving problems. You can find me in my free time playing video games, working on cars, or fixing things. I completed a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florida. Take a look at my CV, Google Scholar, or GitHub. Some of my interests include:

I’ve created a couple of open source Python libraries.

Pwlf is a Python library for fitting 1D continuous piecewise linear functions. Pwlf combines a global optimization algorithm with a traditional least squares fit. A user can find the best location for break points by just specifying the desired number of lines to use.

Tindetheus is a Python application that allows users to build their own personalized machine learning model to automatically like users on Tinder based on their historical preference. Tindetheus takes advantage of recent advancements in computer vision and has three major functions: 1) Build your own Tinder database. 2) Fit a machine learning model to your data. 3) Automatically like/dislike users based on your trained model.

I taught a 1 credit hour course on Python Programming in Fall 2017. Take a look at the Syllabus. Since I’ve been at UF, many graduate students have expressed their desire to learn Python. However, there are very few opportunities in my college to learn Python. Why do so many people want to learn Python? Because there have been so many state-of-the-art scientific libraries developed in Python recently! This course was created to help my fellow graduate students pick up Python for their research. Feel free to check out the course material.


This website is hosted on Github Pages, and is built with Jekyll using the Kactus theme by Nick Balestra. All of the material on this site is freely available.